The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech

Civil Aviation

Mission Statement

Be a leader in civil aviation research that will benefit society, government, and industrial decision makers with respect to aviation impacts on communities, global climate, economics, operations, and R&D investments while educating the next generation of engineers


  • Provide relevant stakeholders with the tools, knowledge, and information to make well informed decisions
  • Develop strong partnerships with experts in the field to enable accurate and comprehensive insight
  • Develop and advance techniques to better serve stakeholder needs


Dr. Michelle Kirby
Civil Aviation Division Chief

Dr. Michelle Kirby
Air vehicle Configuration & Performance Branch Lead

Dr. Yongchang Li
Environmental & Policy Programs Branch Lead

Dr. Jens Holger Pfaender
Air Transportation S0S Branch Lead

Dr. Dongwook Lim
Air Transportation Economics Branch Lead

Branch Functions

Air vehicle Configuration & Performance

Advanced Concepts Design

Vehicle Modeling and Calibration

Performance Analysis

Technology Modeling and Assessment''

Environmental & Policy Programs

Community Impacts

Climate Impacts

Public Policy

Alternative Fuels Life Cycle Impacts

Air Transportation SoS

Demand and Forecasting

Transportation Networks Transportation Mode Choice

Air Traffic Management

Airport Operation, Management, and Control

Air Transportation Economics



Market dynamics