The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech

John Salmon

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Dr. John Salmon

Research Engineer I
Weber, Rm 321-A
(404) 385 - 4252
John.Salmon (at)


  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Calgary, 2004
  • Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Utah State University, 2006
  • Master of Science, Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013

Current Research

  • Lockheed Martin - Logistics and Sustainment
  • Air Force - Next Genergation Design of the C-X Cargo Aircraft
  • FedEx - Network Design and Optimization
  • NASA ERA - Technology Portfolio Analysis
  • ONR ARCHitect - Multi-Objective, Multi-Agent Decision Making

Conference Papers

  • J. Salmon, C. Iwata, and D. Mavris “Comparative Assessment and Decision Support System for Strategic Military Airlift Capability”, Presented at the MODSIM World 2010 Conference & Expo, Virginia Beach, VA.
  • J. Salmon, D. Soban, and D. Mavris, “Development of a Visual Analytics Tool Suite to Support Strategic Decision Making”, AIAA-2009-0625, Presented at the 47th AIAA ASM 2009 Conference, Orlando, FL.
  • J. Salmon, “An EUV Photometer for tomographic observations of the ionosphere,” SA11A-0218, Presented at the AGU 2005 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA.
  • B. Bodrero, J. Gregory, A. Jones, J. Salmon, E. Siggard, and J. Strömsdörfer “SelenAres,” AIAA-2005-6831, Presented at the AIAA Space 2005 Conference, Long Beach, CA.


  • Salmon, J.L., “Conceptual Design of a Far Ultraviolet Photometer for Tomographic Measurements of the Upper Ionosphere,” Master’s Thesis, Utah State University, 2006.
  • Salmon, J.L., “A Methodology for Quantitative and Cooperative Decision Making of Air Mobility Operational Solutions,” Ph.D. Thesis, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013.