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Metin F. Ozcan

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Metin F. Ozcan is a PhD candidate at the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL). His areas of interest are propulsion system design, off-design performance analysis, and transient operation. Metin is from Ankara, Turkey and he joined ASDL in 2008 after finishing his double major in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Middle East Technical University (METU). Metin is expected to graduate in the coming months and he is looking forward to using the knowledge and problem solving skills that he has obtained during his PhD. His personal interests include soccer, volleyball, chess, ballroom dancing, and reading classic literature.

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Office: Weber SST III Building 320
Email: metin DOT ozcan AT gatech DOT edu

Research Interests

PhD Thesis

Title: A Methodology for Sampling with a Classifier in Gas Turbine Engine State Space to Create Transient Surrogate Models

Gas turbines are complex and nonlinear systems. In the future they will become more complex and nonlinear to meet more stringent fuel consumption, emission, and noise requirements. Model Based Control (MBC) aims at controlling gas turbines for unmeasurable and important gas turbine metrics such as thrust and compressor stall margin to meet the environmental requirements in the future. For commercial applications linear gas turbine models are necessary due to the certification process. In the literature there are two ways to generate linear models for a gas turbine operational envelope: scheduling linear models created by perturbing a nonlinear model about steady state points off-line or generating linear models online using a simplified set of analytically differentiable equations representing gas turbine dynamics.

Another way to generate linear models is approximating dynamic gas turbine behavior with a differentiable nonlinear set of equations without making any simplifying assumptions. Metin's thesis focuses on investigating this alternative approach in two different steps: sampling in a gas turbine engine's feasible state space with a pattern classifier efficiently and sufficiently, and training transient surrogate models in state space representation structure with the classifier sampled data. After creating the transient surrogate models, Metin will compare the surrogate models against the industry standard piecewise linear models.

Metin has worked on sponsored projects in the following fields:

  • Gas turbine engines: design, steady state and transient modeling, real-time modeling, steady state and transient performance analysis, operability, control, turbomachinery design, and technology evaluation
  • High Mach number propellers: design, steady state modeling, and steady state performance analysis
  • Hybrid and turbo electric propulsion: design, steady state modeling, and steady state performance analysis
  • Three pressure combined cycle powerplant: design, steady state and transient modeling, steady state and transient performance analysis, and real-time modeling


  • Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia Institute of Technology, August 2008 – Present, Atlanta, GA
  • Summer Intern, Roketsan Missiles Inc., August 2006 – September 2006, Elmadag, Turkey
  • Summer Intern, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI), August 2005 – September 2005, Ankara, Turkey


  • MS, Aerospace Engineering, 2012, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • BS, Aerospace Engineering, 2008, Middle East Technical University
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, 2008, Middle East Technical University



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  5. Reza Rezvani, Metin F. Ozcan, Brian K. Kestner, Jimmy C. Tai, Dimitri N. Mavris, Richard Meisner, and Steven Sirica,"A Gas Turbine Engine Model of Transient Operation Across The Flight Envelope", GT2011-45565, TurboExpo, June 6-10, 2011, Vancouver, Canada.

Awards and Honors

  • NASA Aeronautics Research Directorate University Student Design Competition 2008-2009 First Place (Tie)
  • AHS Annual Student Design Competition 2008 Best New Entrant


  • AIAA Student Member since 2008
  • ASME Student Member since 2012