Mike Miller

Mike Miller is from Jacksonville, FL. Mike has been attending Georgia Tech since fall 2003; and he expects to graduate in spring 2013. Mike is currently working on his PhD, which will focus on the energy grid and use of renewable sources of energy, mainly: wind and solar.

Research Interests

GE Smart Grid

Working on Demand Response for the power grid. Looking at different ways to reduce the peak load and possibly spread out the power load more evenly throughout the day; this includes looking at control algorithms, variable pricing, etc.

BAE Systems, San Diego

Working on the optimization of data transfer and storage. Using Petri Nets and a lot of Excel.

Scenario Cost Estimation

Developing a tool to estimate the operations cost of different military scenarios. This will allow the decision-maker to be informed about different architecture framework costs as well as allowing them to examine the main cost drivers in a given architecture framework.

Directed Energy Weapons

Worked on developing different scenarios where DEW might exhibit more usefullness than conventional KE weapons. Also worked on developing performance metrics and measures of effectiveness for DEW. My main focus on the project was with microwave systems and radar systems.


  • B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2008, Georgia Institute of Technology,
  • B.S., Economics, 2008, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2010, Georgia Institute of Technology

Memberships and Service

  • School of Aerospace Engineering Student Advisory Council (SAESAC)
    • Head of the organization
    • Main purpose of SAESAC is to help connect the faculty and students
    • Events include: AE Annual Expo, Peer Advising, Academic Surveys, etc.
  • Engineers for a Sustainable World at Georgia Tech (ESW @ GT)
    • Treasurer