The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech

Philippe Ranque

Philippe Ranque grew up close to Paris, France. He is getting a double degree with the leading aerospace French graduate school ISAE Supaero. He arrived in the US, joined ASDL and started is Master's degree in August 2009. Philippe is a private pilot, likes developing micro air vehicles and loves travelling.

Research Interests

Philippe is interested in multidisciplinary design approaches and in particular he has been working on developing and analyzing system-of-systems simulations using agent-based models. He is also interested in control, especially in stabilization and navigation of autonomous vehicles. During the year 2009-2010, he was Chief Engineer of his grand challenge on Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology (MAST), sponsored by the Army Research Lab. Philippe's current research project aims at developing a methodology to design families of aircraft. His research is sponsored by Dassault-Aviation. He is currently working on a conference paper about stochastic agent-based analysis of UAV mission effectiveness.


  • Passed exam to enter ISAE Supaero, the leading French Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, expected in May 2011
  • Equivalent of M.S. (Diplome d'ingenieur), ISAE Supaero, expected in October 2011

Awards and Honors

Leader of the French team ISAE Supaero that ranked 1st at the International Micro Air Vehicle competition IMAV09 in Pensacola, Florida.