The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech

William Engler

William Engler is a current PhD student and Senior Graduate Researcher at ASDL. He has a strong interest in government and defense research, acquisition and technology development. During his time at the lab, he has been a part of numerous activities to improve the quality of student research and to document and share knowledge internally. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and working with his hands.

Research Interests

William's current doctoral research focuses on using subject-matter experts to create low fidelity models of systems, subsystems and systems-of-systems. Such models would be useful in situations where simplified physics-based models are not available or not possible. The difficulties in this problem are focused in eliciting information from experts and the mathematics necessary to accurately combine this information without prior knowledge of the physics or system behavior(prior knowledge of the physics would suggest that a simplified model already exists).

In William's past research, he has investigated and created surrogate modeling methods for systems-of-systems and campaign modeling, low-order QFD-based planning and prioritization tools, genericized architecture-based performance and alternative comparison models, approaches for semi-automated requirements definition, and methods for concept selection.


  • B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2004, North Carolina State University
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2006, Georgia Institute of Technology



  • Engler, William O., Patrick T. Biltgen, and Dimitri N. Mavris. Concept Selection Using an Interactive Reconfigurable Matrix of Alternatives (IRMA). 45th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, 2007. (AIAA 2007-1194)

White Papers

  • Mavris, Dimitri, Patrick Biltgen, Reid Thomas, Kristen Kelly, William Engler, Scott Brynildsen, Stephen Tongelidis, Andrew Howard, and Bradford Robertson. A Review of the Proposed UML Profile for the Department of Defense Architecture Framework and Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework (UPDM) for the INCOSE Architecture Working Group, 2007.

Book Chapters

  • Engler, William O. "Long-Range Strike System Design Case Study." Architecture and Principles of Systems Engineering. Ed. Charles E. Dickerson and Dimitri N. Mavris. Auerbach Publications, 2009. 417-440.

Memberships and Service

  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Student Member since 2001
  • International Council on Systems Engineering, Student Member since 2006
  • Organizes the ASDL Doctoral Support Group