The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech

Zohaib Mian


Dr. Zohaib Mian

Research Engineer II
Building, Rm 112A
(404) 894 - 9584
zmian (at)


  • Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering (Minor: Manufacturing Engineering), Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 2008
  • Master of Science, Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013


  • Co-Principal Investigator for Micro Autonomous Systems Research sponsored by Army Research Laboratory
  • Dassault Systemes Winning Program software development
  • Autonomous and Robotic Systems
  • Modeling and Simulation of System of Systems
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics and Engineering
  • Prototyping of Advanced Systems
  • Re-configurable and Adaptive Systems
  • Multidisciplinary Optimization and Quantification of Application-Based Effectiveness of Revolutionary Technologies

Honors and Distinctions

Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine (Vol. 88, No. 1, 2012) Featured Accomplishment: Autonomous multi-rotor.

Membership and Service

  • Member of AIAA
  • Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Member of Dragon Combat Kung-Fu Society, KSA (World Organizer of Martial Arts, USA)

Selected Publications

  • Z. Mian, P. Dees, L. Hall, D. Mavris, “Development and Implementation of Micro Autonomous Systems and Technologies (MAST) Interactive Reconfigurable Matrix of Alternatives (M-IRMA) for Concept Selection”, Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER’13), Atlanta, GA, March 19-22, 2013.
  • Z. Mian, “Mission Effectiveness Quantification and Assessment of Micro Autonomous Systems and Technologies”, IEEE Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium April 26, 2013 Charlottesville, VA.
  • Z. Mian, “Application of Surrogate Modeling and Probabilistic Methods for Design of Pressurized Structure-Based Ducted Fan UAVs”, Special Problems Topic for MS, Atlanta, GA, USA, December 2009.
  • D. Mavris, C. Raczynski, S. Dufresne, B. Cole, Z. Mian, D. Aksaray, S. Zarovy, “Micro-Autonomous Systems and Technology (MAST) Integrated Design, Analysis and Simulation (MIDAS)”, Ankara International Aerospace Conference, Ankara, Turkey, August 2009.
  • Z. Mian, P. Dees, A. Ramamurthy, D. Mavris, "Detailed Mission Level Modeling and Simulation Framework Utilizing the Unified System for Automation and Robot Simulation for Micro Autonomous Systems and Technologies", AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control and Co-located Conferences 2013, 19 - 22 August 2013, Boston, MA.
  • Z. Mian, L, Hall, D. Mavris, "Screening Level Modeling and Simulation of Micro Autonomous Systems and Technologies", AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control and Co-located Conferences 2013, 19 - 22 August 2013 Boston, MA.
  • R. Roe, S. Ford, G. Cinar, Z. Mian, D. Mavris, "A Multi-Disciplinary Integrated Design Environment for Requirements Development and Performance Evaluation of Autonomous Systems", 14th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference, AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition 2014, Atlanta, GA, 16-20 June 2014.