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ASDL Comes 2nd at the AIAA Design Build Fly Competition


GT placed 2nd out of 104 total entries into the competition. Each plane had to fit through a 3 ft by 2 ft entryway and then remotely unfold into at least a 4 ft wingspan. The plane had to fly three missions, each of which involved taking off from a 10 ft ramp. The first was just an empty flight. The second mission had to carry a 1 ft diameter radome that rotated in flight. The third mission had to carry foam footballs and drop one per lap, while completing as many laps as possible in 10 minutes. Congratulations to the team and their advisor, Carl Johnson!

Click here to watch ASDL team's vehicle Buzzformer's flight at the competition!
Click here to read more about the story on GT AE's webpage!

  • AIAA DBF 2019 photo.jpg

ASDL visits Delta Airlines


A group of ASDL students and research faculty recently visited Delta Airlines center in Atlanta, GA. The students are participating in a Grand Challenge project and traveled to the center to report on the team’s progress and get feedback from subject matter experts. The team also got a tour of some of the simulator and training facilities at Delta.

  • ASDL team at the Delta Airlines Center in Atlanta GA.jpg

ASDL Comes 1st and 2nd at the SAE East DBF Competition


A group of ASDL students were at the SAE Aero Design East competition in Fort Worth, TX, over March 8-10 participating in the Micro class and Advanced class. The Micro class challenges students to build a hand-launch UAV that can be quickly assembled from a small box along with a bulky PVC pipe payload. The ASDL team won 1st place in the design report and 2nd overall at the competition. The Advanced class is highly complex, requiring students to build an airplane that can drop water bottles and Nerf vortex footballs at a 50 foot radius target from an altitude above 100 feet, while also dropping autonomous gliders carrying ping pong balls that must navigate to the same 50 foot target zone. The ASDL team had the most successful drops at the competition and placed 2nd in design report, 2nd in presentation, and 1st place overall. Congratulations to the students that participated!

Click here to watch ASDL's SAE Aero Design East Micro Class flight!
Click here to watch ASDL's SAE Aero Design East Advanced Class flight!

  • SAE DBF photo.jpg

ASDL Visits Gulfstream Aerospace


A small group of ASDL students recently had the opportunity to visit the Gulfstream Aerospace campus in Savannah, GA. The students are participating in a Grand Challenge project sponsored by Gulfstream Aerospace and traveled to the campus report on the team’s recent progress. While there the students had the opportunity to visit several in-house research and testing facilities, giving them a first-hand look at the various testing and support activities Gulfstream Aerospace regularly performs.

  • Gulfstream visit 2019 1.jpg

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