Russell S. Peak, PhD is a Senior Researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the Aerospace Systems Design Lab where he is MBSE Branch Chief. He has served as Director of the Modeling & Simulation Lab and Associate Director of the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Center. He also served as a faculty member in the Professional Masters in Applied Systems Engineering program and as co-founder of InterCAX LLC, a Georgia Tech spin-off company.

Russell specializes in knowledge-based methods for modeling & simulation, standards-based product lifecycle management (PLM) frameworks, and knowledge representations that enable complex systems interoperability. He originated the multi-representation architecture (MRA), a collection of patterns for CAD-CAE interoperability, and composable objects (COBs), a non-causal object-oriented knowledge representation. This work provided a conceptual foundation for executable SysML parametrics and for related technology commercialized by InterCAX in the Georgia Tech VentureLab program.

After six years in industry at Bell Labs and Hitachi, he joined the research faculty at Georgia Tech. Since 1996 he has been principal investigator on numerous projects with sponsors including BAE Systems, Boeing, IBM, JPL, Lockheed, NASA, Rockwell Collins, Sandia, Shinko (Japan), TRW Automotive, US DoC (NIST) and DoD. He has authored over 135 publications (including several Best Paper awards), holds several patents, and is member of AIAA, ASME, and INCOSE. He represents Georgia Tech on the OMG SysML task force, is a Content Developer for the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) program, and holds the highest OCSMP certification (Level 4), Model Builder - Advanced (MBA). Since August 2008 he has led a SysML/MBSE/MBX training program that has conducted over 430 short courses for over 8200 professionals in the USA and internationally.

From 2007-2018 Russell led the INCOSE MBSE Challenge Team for Modeling & Simulation Interoperability (MSI) with applications to mechatronics & robotics as a representative complex systems domain. He currently leads the Digital Ecosystems (DECO) Challenge Team in the INCOSE MBSE Initiative (2019-present).