The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech


ASDL provides a comprehensive systems engineering and advanced design methods curriculum that enables its students to become the future leaders of the aerospace systems industry.

Awards & Honors

ASDL has been named a Center of Excellence (COE) by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under the University Research Engineering Technology Institute (URETI) on Aeropropulsion and Power Technology (UAPT) program and by the Federal Aviation Administration for Aircraft Noise and Aviation Emissions Mitigation as well as the new Air Transportation COE for Alternative Jet fuels and the Environment.

Strategic Vision

In a broad sense, the basic aim of current and future research at ASDL is to be a leader in aerospace systems design. ASDL aims to accomplish this by fulfilling several roles:

Being a leading developer of design methods suitable for the design of all types of complex systems. These complex systems can include airframe and propulsion concepts, torpedoes, missiles, ships, rotorcraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, power generators, etc. Providing a point of dissemination for cutting-edge research to government, academia, and industry; Being a strong advocate of those fields critical to the continued maturation of the industry, such as improved safety, reduced environmental impact, lower acquisition and operating cost, etc Training the next generation of highly-qualified engineers for industry and the government


Congratulations to the ASDL Students that Passed the Ph.D. Qualifying Examinations for Spring 2018!

ASDL is proud to announce that the following students in our lab have passed the Ph.D. qualifying exams this spring:

Ameya Behere
Andrew Burrell
Yu Cai
Kenneth Decker
Ethan Evans
Andrew Hull
Melek Ozcan


Congratulations to the ASDL Students that Passed the Ph.D. Qualifying Examinations for Fall 2017!

ASDL is proud to announce that the following students in our lab have passed the Ph.D. qualifying exams this fall:

Dalton Baier
Ruxandra Duca
Zachary Ernst
Anusha Harish
Evanthia Kallou
Heriberto Solano
Stephanie Zhu


ASDL Team Awarded the Teledyne Marine Innovation Award at RoboSub 2017


RoboSub Team 2017.jpeg


Welcome New Students!

Meet some of ASDL’s 2017 incoming class. It’s going to be a great fall semester.

Alexander Markov from Georgia Tech…Go Jackets!
Alexandra Hickey from University of Colorado Boulder
Andrew Cox from North Carolina State
Brandon Vernon from Brigham Young University
Caleb Harris from University of Memphis
Cherlyn Chan from Harvey Mudd
Chloe Downs from University of Virginia
Colby Weit from Virginia Tech
Domitille Commun from CentraleSupélec
Eugene Mangortey from Georgia Tech…Go Jackets!
Florence Duveiller from Ecole Polytechnique
Gene Chen from Georgia Tech…Go Jackets!
George (Zack) Bassett from UT Austin
Henry Kwan from SUNY Buffalo State
Isaac Ilivicky from Princeton
Jacob Stickney from Baylor
Jason Kirk from Purdue
Jerome Gilleron from ENSAE Paris Tech
Jimmy Tang from Georgia Tech…Go Jackets!
John Vincent from University of Michigan
Johnie Sublett from Mississippi State
Joseph Robinson from Georgia Tech…Go Jackets!
Justin Fan from New Mexico Tech
Lansing Wei from Georgia Tech…Go Jackets!
Lucy Huddleston from U of N Georgia Dahlonega
Luis Salas Nunez from UT Arlington
Manon Huguenin from Central School of Lyon
Max-Daniel Sokollek from Georgia Tech…Go Jackets!
Michael Filippidis from New Jersey Inst Tech
Michael Nothem from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Nikita Birbasov from University of Kentucky
Patsy Jammal from New York University
Rohan Desai from UT Austin
Ryan Baier from Georgia Tech…Go Jackets!
Sadie Boyle from Oregon State
Saeyone Balasekar from UT Austin
Salah Tarazi from Georgia Tech…Go Jackets!
Sara Huelsman
Sarah Barlow from Stevens Inst of Tech
Xiaoshu Fei from Purdue


Congratulations to all of the ASDL students who are graduating this May! We want to say thanks.

Please bring your family and Join us in celebrating

Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL)

Date: MAY 5, 2017
Time: 2:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.

The Bill Moore Student Success building is located in between the Tech Tower and the Stadium which is at a walking distance from ASDL, 281 Ferst Drive, N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30332.

PLEASE R.S.V.P. By APRIL 21, 2017
Light Appetizers, Desserts and Refreshments Will Be Provided

Grad Cap.jpg


ASDL Students Show Up Strong at President's Fellow Reception.

Presidents Fellows.jpg

We are looking forward to welcoming more President's Fellows to the ASDL family next year!


ASDL Celebrates 25 Years!!
Come Help Us Celebrate May 3rd

25th Logo.jpg

For Event Details Please Email
sarah.roberts @

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