ASDL recently made updates to its organizational structure to better focus its research and activities. The Defense and Space Division was split into two new divisions to focus research faculty, activities, and sponsor engagement in distinct areas.


Defense Systems & Technologies

This division focuses on improving the design, acquisition, and operation of defense-related systems through the use of innovative methods and techniques. These techniques include enhanced interoperability of systems for multidomain operations, addressing unique design challenges of cyberphysical systems, and assessing technological advances across operational paradigms.

Shown in the image is the new division chief, Dr. Evan Harrison.


Space Systems & Technologies

This division seeks to advance the state of the art of space systems, launch vehicle, and entry, descent, and landing system design. Methods developed by the space division range from conceptual design to the highest levels of fidelity.

Shown in the image is the new division chief, Dr. Bradford Robertson.



In addition, ASDL’s experimental activities were formalized under a new Experimental Testing Group, which implements ASDL design methodologies into physical components and systems for testing. These activities currently happen through design competition opportunities for students, some focused on aircraft-related activities and others on marine activities. The new group will Includes additional research opportunities supported by funding from an Office of Naval Research DURIP.

Shown in the image is the new group lead, Dr. Carl Johnson.