This summer ASDL is pleased to host a variety of visiting interns/scholars. During their time at ASDL, these students to conduct collaborative research with our research facility on specific projects.

Julien Herrgott


I’m currently in my final year at a general engineering school with a specialization in computer science at ECAM Arts et Métiers in Strasbourg. I have a keen interest in all areas of engineering research and development projects. From my previous experience, areas such as the study of high-tech manufacturing processes, the application of IT systems in project development, continuous improvement and the integration of new IT processes such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in technical sectors are subjects close to my heart. This is just a brief summary of all the areas I’d like to study. As a result, I particularly enjoy working on a wide variety of projects, learning more and more, and meeting people who are passionate about their field of study.

AT ASDL I’m currently working with a team on a project to facilitate condition monitoring on a manufacturing asset. The aim is to set up a system for analyzing and processing the vibration and temperature data received from the manufacturing asset, in order to set up an anomaly detection process. I will be at ASDL for 6 months, until November 10, 2023.


Johannes Götz


I study at RWTH Aachen University and I am in the last year of my Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. During my time in Aachen, I have worked on various current research topics: Testing of high performance 3d printed metal components for spacecraft, Design of a hybrid-electric powered glider, analyzing noise emissions of UAVs in urban areas and simulation of hypersonic missiles. During a semester abroad at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, I focused on my studies in aerospace engineering and worked on mission design for manned Mars missions and unmanned lunar missions.

There, I also have learned a lot around the topic of Spacecraft Dynamics, knowledge that I can now apply at ASDL in the field of Active Debris Removal. Analyzing, modeling, and simulating complex systems has always fascinated me, which makes my work at ASDL an excellent choice. I am now working on the design and simulation of net-based capture methods to clean our planet of space debris. I started in mid-May and will be on site in Atlanta from July through September.